About Me

I'm an artist and commercial photographer, specialising in fashion, portraiture and events. Born in England, I grew up in a country town, where my love for art and photography blossomed. From a young age I was always gluing, sticking, painting, making things and creating. I’m trained as a commercial photographer specialising in weddings, events, portraits and documentary photography. I grew up inspired by fine art, which shaped my personal art practice, as well as the way I think and see the world.


I'm from a family of wanderers who sold their home and now travel the world. In my spare time myself and my girlfriend love to explore and road trip with our dog. I love the outdoors, camping, swimming, walking... you name it! My love for people, landscapes, plants and flowers goes back to my roots, surrounded by the  moor and country.

Wedding Photography

Melbourne, Victoria


E - ginacawleyphoto@gmail.com

I - ginacawley_weddings

M - 0447364659

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